3 Signs You Hired The Wrong HVAC Contractors


Finding someone to perform maintenance and repairs on your HVAC system is often a headache. Whether you’re a business owner looking for commercial HVAC repair, or a homeowner who’s trying to figure out why your furnace or air conditioner just isn’t performing like it used to, it’s important to hire the right contractor.

At All Air Heating & Cooling Services, we strive to be the most convenient and reliable HVAC contractors in the Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and Stafford, Virginia areas. Unfortunately, sometimes we’re the last HVAC specialists someone calls instead of the first. If you’re dealing with any of the below issues, it’s a sign that you’ve hired a low quality HVAC contractor and you should plan to make a change.

They Quote Prices Over The Phone

In order to accurately diagnose problems with a heating or cooling system, it’s necessary for HVAC contractors to physically inspect the unit. If the HVAC company you’re dealing with attempts to give you repair estimates over the phone, without actually looking at the unit, you’re probably not dealing with the best in the business.

They Have Supply Issues

Occasionally, HVAC contractors encounter an old or rare model unit that requires parts they don’t have on hand. In this case, the project will have to be delayed by a day or two while they wait for the order to go through. However, if this happens on a regular basis, it means they’re not very well supplied or connected.

Your Utility Bills Go Up

Top quality HVAC contractors will constantly be working to make your heating and air conditioning unit work as efficiently as possible. If you’ve noticed that your bills go up instead of down after furnace maintenance or installation, you’ve hired the wrong company.

Don’t suffer with sub-par HVAC contractors! Give All Air Heating & Cooling Services the chance to show you why we’re the best in Fredericksburg.

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