Types of Air Conditioners

Maybe you’re building a new home, or maybe you’re looking for a new way to cool your home during another swampy summer in Fredericksburg. Whatever the case, you have plenty of options in terms of HVAC systems!

In this blog, the folks at All Air will explore the most common types of air conditioners. The more you know, the better choice you can make for your home and your budget!

1. Central Air Conditioning

For larger homes with multiple rooms, central air conditioning is most likely the best choice. This type of air conditioner circulates air through supply and return ducts in the walls and floors and cools the home efficiently and evenly. Once cool air begins to warm up again, it’s transported back into the ducts and through the air conditioner to be filtered, dehumidified, and cooled again.

This isn’t the easiest cooling system to install or design, and unit size and configuration are important for your overall cooling effectiveness and energy efficiency. Central air is mighty expensive, too. However, once you’ve had the right system installed, you’ll have excellent air quality, reasonable energy bills, and an unrivaled effectiveness of cooling in your home.

2. Mini-Split Air Conditioning

Ductless mini-split systems are another popular air conditioning choice, especially for homes that have been retrofitted. Highlighted by an outdoor unit and an indoor handling/thermostat system, these air conditioners cool individual rooms, like you might see in your average hotel room. Some mini-split systems use multiple units for multiple rooms—although this can become expensive and inefficient.

3. Window Air Conditioning

A window air conditioner isn’t ideal, but it’s arguably the most useful air conditioner in the game. If you don’t have the money for a larger, more permanent system, or can’t alter your surroundings because you’re a renter, this is definitely your best bet. These units only cool a single room by pushing warm air out and cool air in—but they usually don’t have the firepower to cool multiple rooms or larger rooms. However, if you’re renting a studio apartment, a window air conditioner would an excellent, efficient choice.

4. Portable Air Conditioning

Widely considered as the next generation of window units, portable air conditioners cool a single room by taking air currently in the room, cooling it, and projecting it forward with a fan. These units don’t have to crowd your window space, and they’re surprisingly affordable and efficient. If you’re looking for spot cooling, this is an excellent choice.

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