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Whatever your lifestyle, needs, or expectations, All Air Heating & Cooling Services provides the perfect level of control. We create fully connected smart homes across Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George, Caroline, Orange, and Fauquier Counties. Whether you’re looking for a user-friendly, intuitive WiFi thermostat or a complete home automation system, our certified and experienced team is here to help. We offer knowledgeable recommendations, leading innovations, and handle complete setup. Simply give us a call at (540) 317-0727 to learn more about the many benefits and life-improving options available. We save our clients time and money, do the job right the first time, and back our work with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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A Cor Thermostat is a rewarding upgrade to any home. With a range of features, greater control from virtually anywhere is only a tap away!

Some of the many features of a Cor Home Thermostat:

  • Customized tips and energy reporting optimize energy savings.
  • Ideal Away adapts to your schedule, reacts to outside weather conditions, ensures peak efficiency, and welcomes you home to perfect comfort.
  • Touch-N-Go lets you make quick changes to temperature without affecting your programmed settings.
  • Customize humidity to personal preference
  • Connect your thermostat with us, so the professionals from All Air Heating & Cooling Services can remotely diagnose issues, monitor performance, and head off the majority of in-house repairs.
  • Keep in touch, adjust, and customize temperature from your smartphone, laptop, or tablet, no matter where you happen to be.

Cor Home Automation allows remote access and regulation of your home from just about anywhere. Powered by the Cor Hub, your fully connected home is easily personalized, expanded, and grows with technology and your requirements.

Benefits of Cor Home Automation:

  • Access your home, make adjustments, and check on things from your mobile device.
  • Get notifications when your kids arrive home.
  • See who is standing on your doorstep.
  • Sensors for motion, glass-breakage, water, smoke, and doors alerts you to any concerns.
  • Real-time cameras allow you to determine whether emergency services are required.
  • Take advantage of 24/7 monitoring from professional security services.
  • Set up an accommodating schedule for the thermostat, lighting, cameras, and your essential systems.
  • Geofencing alerts the system to your arrival and departure for automatic adjustment.
  • Permit access to the home to guests or servicemen with temporary security codes and receive alerts for arrival and departure.
  • Improve security, safety, comfort, air quality, energy efficiency, and the overall operation and upkeep of your important systems and equipment.

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