Why You Should Install a Programmable Thermostat

thermoIn the last couple of blog posts, we have talked about ways that you can prepare your home for the winter cold. All of these different methods and techniques can help provide you with the warm and comfortable home that all of us love spending time in during the winter. If you’re not only interested in keeping your home comfortable, but also in keeping it low on energy usage, one of the ways that we suggest doing that is through a programmable thermostat. In our blog post today, the team of at All Air Heating & Cooling are going to break down the benefits of this thermostat and why it is something that ought to be considered before the cool of winter comes.

What is a programmable thermostat?

Any HVAC system that is installed in a home will have a thermostat that is set up alongside it. While it would be really great if all systems came with a programmable thermostat, that just isn’t the case. However, these are an investment that is entirely worth making. These thermostats have a timer set up on them so that you can program when they turn on and off. While it may not seem like much of a setup, there are plenty of reasons that these types of thermostats are beneficial to have installed in your home.

What is the primary benefit of this thermostat?

electricbillOne of the reasons that electricity is so expensive is because of the prime hours of the day that it gets more use. During these hours, electric companies charge individuals using electric more than the parts of the day that are
less commonly used. What this means is that the time of day that most people are at work, electricity is cheaper to use, and during the times of the day where we are just getting home, watching television and relaxing, electricity is more expensive. The way that this affects your HVAC system is through the standard thought process that most people have: leave the thermostat off during the day, and turn the air or heat on once you’re home. While this plan seems like it’d save you more money, the truth is that you’re most likely turning your thermostat back on at a time where electricity costs more.

How can this benefit your electric bill?

By programming the thermostat to turn on earlier than when you get home, your house is going to be using the electricity at a time of the day where electric usage is cheaper. Aside from that, your home will also be so much more comfortable when you get there, meaning that less work will need to be done, and you can keep your HVAC system running at a low and energy efficient setting so that it is able to maintain the temperature of your home and keep everything comfortable.

For more information on installing a programmable thermostat into your home, call All Air Heating and Cooling. Our team of HVAC experts can provide you with the guidance that you need and help you set up an appointment so that you make the most out of your HVAC system this winter.

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